10 Best DIY Facial Massage Techniques to Rejuvenate your Face

A chiseled and fine jawline and plump and lifted cheekbones are every woman’s dream. Almost every other girl absolutely swoons and goes crazy over celebrities flaunting their perfectly sculpted faces. Turns out they weren’t born that way. In fact, nobody is born with a perfectly toned face. Also with increasing age, the wrinkles and the fine lines start to show and start to give the face a rather saggy appearance.

Going extreme and trying fancy options like fillers, botox and surgery are not only expensive but can be dangerous with a high chance of blunders as well as a short-lived effect. We recommend trying something more holistic and natural like facial massage if you want a toned and tight face. Facial massages can be incredibly soothing and can give you natural facelift within weeks. They also improve blood and lymph circulation causing all toxins to be removed from the skin leading to a much fresher and livelier face. You just have to stick to a schedule and keep working.

So all you beautiful ladies out there, we have compiled the best DIY facial massage techniques so that you can have the perfect sexy and sultry face you’ve always been dreaming about.

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Pro-tips for a facial massage

Before going into the artistic details of facial massage techniques we just want you to know some essentials so that you gain the maximum benefit.

Use the right kind of oil

Other than toning your face, identify what else you need to do to your skin and then pick the right product accordingly. Almond oil works best for all skin types however if you are looking to clear out the acne breakouts then coconut oil can be beneficial. Both argan oil and jojoba oil can be really helpful as anti-aging agents and provide instant glow and rejuvenation. Rosewood and sandalwood oil work best for dry and harsh skin types.

The right direction

Whichever massage technique you employ, make sure to always massage in an outwards direction to reduce wrinkles.


Never massage on a dirty face or with makeup on. This causes all the dirt and debris to penetrate the pores of your skin causing a severe breakout.

Rest the face

Over massaging is as bad as under massaging. Massaging your face too much and too vigorously causes the minute blood vessels in your skin to break leading to redness and puffiness. For best results massage every other day so that your face has an adequate time to rest.

Know the right amount of product

Essential oils have to be used in minute quantities as these are extremely strong and excessive quantities can be harmful.

Pick the best time

Facial massages work best when done right before bedtime. Pampering yourself with a quick facial massage before you got to sleep is perfect to unwind after a whole day of stress and busy routines and schedules.

DIY facial massage techniques

Lifting the whole face

This massage technique causes the entire face to be lifted up and by doing so causes the saggy chin and the horrid double neck to be eliminated. To perform this massage, gently place your palms and fingers on the sides of your face close to the chin. Apply gentle yet firm upward strokes causing all the facial muscle mass to be lifted up and then gently glide down. This has to be done three times at every session with the right choice of oil for proper moisturization.

Smoothing out the forehead

Fine lines and wrinkles can be seen very evidently on the forehead once the process of aging starts. For a smooth forehead, place three fingers on the middle of the forehead and with gentle pressure slide the fingers outwards, returning the fingers back to the starting point. This has to be repeated three times and guarantees a smooth and wrinkle-free forehead.

Soothing the eyes

Saggy eyelids and puffy bags under the eyes are telltale signs of strain, mental stress, and inadequate sleep. Even after tremendous efforts, some of us just cannot get our schedules sorted. This is where facial massage comes into play. Massaging the outline of the eye lifts the eyelid, reduces the puffiness and makes you look fresh. Start by placing your fingertips with a little oil on them on the outer border of the eye socket and then start working your fingers around the eyes in a circular motion repeating thrice. This also takes care of the crow’s-feet or more commonly called laugh lines which are frequently seen around the outer corners of the eyes.

Toning the cheeks

Plump cheeks make the whole face stand out. To make the cheeks appear tight and lifted, take a small amount of the massaging product of your choice and spread it evenly on the fingertips. Now gently start massaging the area under the cheek in circular motions in an upward direction smoothly. Cover the area under the ears as well and tone the sides of the face while making the cheeks cheekier.

Shaping the jaw

For a perfectly chiseled, bony and edgy jaw, aim to tone the muscles which surround the jawline. Start by placing your index and middle finger on the top of the jaw and finger beneath it such that you can hold your chin muscles between the fingers and thumb. Now start pinching the muscles starting from the center of the jaw right up to the area below the earlobes. Then perform the entire routine in a reverse manner and repeat up to five times. Along with reducing sagging, it also leads to unclogging of the lymph vessels and removes any toxins and debris.

Eliminating the elevens

Squinting and focusing causes fine lines to appear between the eyebrows called the ‘elevens’ which ultimately turn into wrinkles. The skin in between the eyebrow loosens and the wrinkles can be seen even when the face is perfectly relaxed. To prevent the formation of the elevens, place the fingertips of both your hands on to the center of the brows and then gently slide them upwards and outwards applying slight pressure.

Lifting the mouth

With increasing age, the muscles of the face start to loosen and the collagen in the skin keeping it taut starts to deteriorate too. The same happens with the muscles surrounding the mouth and cause the corners of the mouth to appear droopy and saggy. To remedy this place one index finger on either side of the mouth and start massaging in small circular motions taking care that the direction is upwards. Avoid pulling the skin and muscles around the mouth downwards.

Ditch the double chin

Every time we gain weight, some nasty areas start getting fluffier than the others and one such area is the under-chin. With every pound, we gain the under-chin shows double and we end up with a double chin in no time. To get rid of the double chin, apply some oil on the palms, and then place the palms on the under chin. Then start massaging the skin in a downwards direction with gentle pressure alternating the right and left palm periodically.

Natural contouring

Stop investing in fancy and high-end contour kits and grab some essential oils for a naturally contoured face. The plus to this is that you would not need any makeup whenever you go out. All you have to do is place the pads of your thumbs under your cheekbones with your palms facing out and then gently and firmly run the thumbs in an outward direction almost like drawing a contour line on your face. The key is working from the center of the face all the way to the edges. This can be repeated up to six times at every massage session.

Relax yourself

The end of every facial massage session should be with an incredibly relaxing massage technique so that you feel all your stress and tension leaving you after each session. Start by placing your fingertips on to the temples, and then gliding down slowly towards the ears, and neck and then finally to the collarbones, to help relieve any built-up pressure. This should be the ending exercise for whichever facial massage routine you are following because we all need a well-toned mind along with a well-toned face.

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So, ladies, we know that hitting the spas’ and spending big bucks on facial massages can be the highest of inconveniences and pretty unaffordable. With these easy and quick massage techniques, the need to go to a spa will be eliminated. You can bring the spa to you by getting your hands on some essential oils and aromatic goodies and making use of the techniques listed here.

Get the perfectly toned, beautiful face you always wanted without spending a penny. And not just that, giving yourself a facial massage not only makes the face taut, it rids you of any mental stress as well and refreshes and rejuvenates you.