Is Prenatal massage safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a critical phase in the lives of husband and wife. The concerns and care increase even more if it is the first pregnancy. The parents tend to take everything extra seriously and focus too much on tiny details.

Getting a massage during pregnancy is one of these things. There are a lot of myths associated with getting a prenatal massage. For your comfort, ease and clarity, we are going to dispel these myths and highlight the precautions that you must take regarding getting a massage during your pregnancy and the benefits of getting a prenatal massage.

We have spent a lot of time reading researches and health journals regarding pregnancy and then produced this article because we care for you.

Myths Associated with Massage during Pregnancy

  • It is often said that any person who is good at giving other types of body massages can also provide an excellent prenatal massage, well it’s not true. Massage during pregnancy is safe, but any careless behavior can cause complications.
  • Many people believe that prenatal massage is not safe during the first trimester as the risk of miscarriage is greatest during this period. With proper care, this can be avoided. Massage to the legs, belly, and feet is safe and does not cause miscarriage.


  • Seek the services of a professional prenatal therapist who is qualified and has experience in giving massage to pregnant women. Professionals know very well that how to position you carefully and avoid any stretching on the uterus.
  • Doctors and therapists all around the world recommend that the Swedish massage technique is the best massage technique during pregnancy
  • Doctors and therapists are of the view that the best position for massage during pregnancy is side-lying (supported with pillows). Lying with your head towards the massage table can apply pressure to the abdomen and cause stretching of the uterine ligaments and induce further pain.
  • Prenatal massage is safe throughout the nine months of pregnancy, and you can start it at any time. Some facilities are reluctant to take women during the first trimester of the pregnancy but the fears associated with this period can be eliminated by taking due care.
  • Women who have had any complications or have a high-risk pregnancy must consult their gynecologist before receiving a massage. Women with the recent organ transplant or recent surgery should avoid getting a prenatal massage.
  • Makes sure that the massage shop is hygienic, neat and clean. Contact with germs and bacteria can cause illness very quickly during pregnancy. The equipment is properly sterilized, and the massage oils and lotions are recommended to be used during pregnancy.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

  • Scientific research has shown that a good massage during pregnancy can do a lot for pregnant women. It can improve mood, reduce anxiety, help in controlling depression, induce a better and peaceful sleep, relieve nerve pain, and reduce joint swelling by making the blood flow more efficiently.
  • An effective massage helps in maintaining hormone levels during pregnancy and improves cardiovascular health. Balanced levels of hormones ensure fewer complications during pregnancy and women who get regular prenatal massages give birth to babies with a healthy weight.
  • Back pain is a joint and cruel pain during pregnancy; research has shown that careful massage during the first trimester of pregnancy can help in reducing back pain and keeping the women relaxed.
  • Prenatal massage also ensures that the soft tissues and muscles remain oxygenated adequately and adequately.
  • The circulatory changes can develop clots in the lower limbs or inner thigh. An excellent prenatal massage can effectively increase the blood circulation and reduce blood clotting.
  • A careful and professionally administered prenatal massage during the first trimester can help women deal with fatigue, puzzling emotions and changes in hormonal level. The first trimester is the period when woman’s body surges with hormones and a good massage can keep the women relaxed and grounded.
  • Prenatal massage can refill the energy as it provides the women with a chance to relax and rest entirely.


Yes, it is not only safe; it is also helpful in a lot of ways as the above discussion indicates. We recommend you to take care when selecting a massage therapist and consult your doctor before hiring a therapist. We care for you, and that is why we have busted the myths, indicated the precautions that you must take and highlighted the benefits that you can get from a prenatal massage.