10 Best Massage Chairs by Consumer Reports: Full Body, Zero Gravity and More

Massage therapy these days has been fancied as a “gaudy mood booster”. It is so not the case as massage therapy has been proven to be exponential in managing and treating low back pain. Scientifically speaking, massage therapy reduces the levels of cytokines which are the causative agents of inflammation. Even a research conducted by multiple massage groups has proved that massages are a great way to lower down the discomfort created by daily work routines.

And not just inflammation, massage therapy stimulates biochemical organelles like the mitochondria and toughen up the body making it resilient to excessive exercise and physical activity. Recent studies show that massage therapy leads to a better and more sound and consistent sleep cycle.

Say you come home after a day full of an exhausting and tiring routine and are craving a massage only to be disappointed by the absence of your masseuse at home. Don’t worry, not everyone in the world owns a masseuse, however, like the ever-evolving species that we are, we have technological replacements for everything in the world.

The said idea is evidently behind the creation of best massage chair and come to think of it the massage chairs are wondrous objects that have revolutionized relaxation and comfort and can be the perfect tools to kick the stress to curb.

Things you must know before buying a massage chair

Hasty product purchase is a devil. When hitting the stores to buy a massage chair, it is crucial and necessary to have done proper research about the various options available as well as taking into consideration personal factors as well. Living in a small house, you would not want to be stuck with a chair that eats up the entire living room space. Thus product preference should align with personal preference when buying a suitable massage chair. When considering product preference, you should take into consideration these three questions and then answer them to reach the best product conclusions.

A massage chair offers you a unique comfort

The popular massage chair is a piece of furniture that offers the user a relaxing atmosphere. This special version is electronically adjustable and the owner, for example, the back, neck or feet massaged wonderfully. Depending on the model, different settings are possible. You will find out more about the respective settings later on our portal.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that a massage chair does not differ much from the appearance of a reclining chair. The only difference is the electronic setting inside the massage chair. It is thus a motor with a gear and housed with rollers in this piece of furniture. This massage function is different depending on the model, so there is, for example, a large-scale vibration movement, a directed movement under, as well as this function can also be adjusted depending on the desired body part to be massaged individually by the user.

What can a massage chair do?

Today, a massage chair can be found in almost every living room. This is not surprising, because this piece of furniture can mimic massage movements like a massage therapist.

The movement takes place on the side of the body part, air currents are used, which are in the immediate vicinity of the body. Furthermore, air cushions are inflated by the device in various dimensions. Usually, you get a remote control when buying such a product, which can certainly be very beneficial for the user. Some models also offer a control unit, which is located on the back of the chair. The functions can be set differently in terms of strength and length, as well as numerous different massage functions.

Many massage chairs contain programs that are pre-set. So a simple scope of electronics is wonderfully possible. Very high-quality chairs have a scanner, the user can thereby scan individual parts of the body. This procedure has the advantage that the massage can be ideally adjusted to the respective conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages


Such seating offers many advantages, which we would like to list here:

  • In the first line massage chairs contribute to the wonderful well-being of the user.
  • Among other things, problems with the back or other joints can be cured.
  • Furthermore, the user can relax ideally when using this piece of furniture.
  • Such a massage allows for a positive influence on the circulation of the blood.
  • Incidentally, the lymph circulation and the vein circulation is supported.


There are quite a few disadvantages, but the benefits of a massage chair simply outweigh it. The most important disadvantages are listed below.

  • Quite unfortunately, it can be disadvantageous if you use this chair. For example, you should rather not use this piece of furniture during pregnancy. Thus, the integrated massage function can contribute to a venous activity.
  • If the user, for example, suffer from inflammation or skin diseases, then it would make sense to do without this chair.

Important details for buying such a piece of furniture

The selection is not only in other pieces of furniture, such as a couch, a cupboard or the like is very large and varied, as well as the massage chairs. Therefore, as a consumer you should just pay attention to some aspects. The purchase of such a piece of furniture should definitely be worthwhile and work just as required or? The following sections inform you about the most important details for buying such a chair with massage function.

Does the massage chair fit the existing furnishings?

  • As a rule, an armchair belongs to a sectional sofa. Most of these are a couch, two armchairs and a table available.
  • If you buy a single chair, then certainly the appearance plays a significant role.
  • Furthermore, such an acquisition depends on the consumer’s own usage needs. For example, in a multi-person household, these pieces of furniture simply have to meet other requirements.
  • Especially if you have several children in the household, a sectional sofa must definitely withstand a high load capacity.
  • Furthermore, the cleaning of such furniture is certainly important for the user. So this should be done easily and quickly. For this purpose we can recommend a suitable stain protection wonderful.
  • For example, if you often receive many guests, then a set that has smooth leather would be highly recommended.

What size should the chair with massage function have?

  • Before purchasing such a massage chair, the size plays a significant role for many interested consumers.
  • Here it would be important if you know in advance the exact dimensions of each room, because only then the selection can be made more correct. In addition, one can exclude chair models, which are too small or too large.
  • For the installation you should also consider the proximity to the door. It should therefore remain freely swingable.

Important details about the depth and height of a massage chair

  • There are natural armchairs with different heights and depths.
  • So certainly older people choose a model that is set higher. Because, among other things, getting up is much easier.
  • The knee can be severely stressed in a low massage chair and with the choice of a proper chair you can counteract this unpleasant disadvantage wonderful.
  • For this, it would be highly recommended that you just tried the armchair before buying and see how easy you can sit on it and get up again. A seat height of about 40 centimeters can be stated as ideal.
  • As already mentioned above, the depth of this piece of furniture is also very important. The depth here means the length of the respective seat.
  • To make the choice easier, you should pay attention to your own habits while sitting.
  • If you want to sit very comfortably, then a high depth of the chair would be an advantage.
  • However, if you often change your seating position, you should choose a model that can be used to adjust the height and depth.

What should you know about getting a massage chair?

Today you can find a variety of massage chair models. So it is with the attached references as well. Some massage chairs offer plain and simple finishes, while others are decorated with oriental patterns. The covers also have a variety of colors and so the consumer can choose an armchair that can be ideally adapted to the rest of the furnishings.

Of course, not only the design is important here, but also the integrated material. Today, massage chairs with the materials cotton, wool, suede leather, smooth leather or synthetics are now available. Here it would be important that the purchase of such a piece of furniture is insensitive to friction. From the manufacturers, this capacity is specified in so-called rubrics. An armchair with a flat structure should therefore have over 10,000 rubbing cycles and a chair with a velor fabric over 20,000. Scrub tours are also named as Matindale, so you can find this term in the product information. In addition to the aforementioned topic, resilience also plays a major role. So this piece of furniture should be resistant to UV light and sunshine. Corresponding information can be found here about the light fastness value. At 8, this is the maximum value. The value of the rightness is just as important as it protects the chair from abrasion.

In addition to the above points, the purchase price is enormously important for the consumer. The covers, which are made of fabric, are of course cheaper and chairs made of microfibers or leather in the purchase price more expensive. It may well be that the search can take a little longer. Because there are currently more massage chairs that have the material leather. The consumer can choose between a covered and natural leather. The models with natural leather have the advantage that they are breathable. The latter armchair is but considerably cheaper.

Now we would like to inform you about another important topic. First, the advantages and disadvantages of a massage chair were explained. Likewise, you have received significant information about the purchase, the material and the price of such a chair.

But you should not disregard the respective integrated massage programs. For example, a massage chair has a variety of massages included. In such a piece of furniture 3 electric motors are integrated, which cause a vibration on the seat. Which massage programs are now installed in the armchairs? There are, among others, the tapping massage, kneading massage, finder pressure massage and the flutter massage. Furthermore, you can get models where a combination of some massages is wonderfully possible. The user can enjoy the massaging of the head, back, leg and neck. We must also not miss the built-in music center, which can contribute to even better relaxation.

Novel models offer a computer technology, the so-called 3-D sensor navigation technology. Here, the user’s back is scanned and, among other things, the position of the waist, back or neck is detected. A special feature is the tense body parts and so can be eased ideal cramping or painful tension. With some massage chairs the blood circulation is promoted, in which one can stretch the legs. Furthermore, air cushions are integrated in these pieces of furniture, which are alternately off and on.

To make it easier for you to purchase a massage chair, we would like to briefly explain the individual massage functions.

The roller massage or stretch massage in detail

  • This feature is present in almost every armchair, which is not surprising, as it is a very popular type of massage.
  • The spine of the user is stretched by the running and running of the integrated rollers. As a result, of course, also enormously relieved, since the pressure of the intervertebral discs is reduced.
  • This type of massage means that with regular use up to 50 percent of the back pain can be alleviated. It is even possible that the symptoms go back completely.
  • The massage rollers run along the entire back during the roller massage. In most cases, the distance between the rollers can be set differently, thus ensuring ideal flexibility.

The kneading massage in detail

  • The built-in massage mechanism moves horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, he offers elliptical movements. The user can set the respective speed in the type of massage. Furthermore, it is possible to have the full back, a part of the back or only selectively massaged.
  • In this massage, the user can enjoy the advantage that his tissue is strengthened. Likewise, not only the promotion of blood circulation takes place, as well as the metabolism of the user is ideally stimulated.
  • It is thus possible to prevent back problems and to counter sustained damage when used regularly.

The relaxation massage, also called tapping massage, in detail

  • Relaxation massage strengthens your back with the knocking movement of the mechanism. There is an ideal relaxation of the neck up to the coccyx instead.
  • The tapping massage loosens your tissue and muscles, but also loosens tensions in individual muscle groups.

Of course, this is only a small excerpt of the individual massage functions of a massage chair. You will receive more helpful information about the many massaging functions through our product presentations and can also make an ideal overview of the current massage chair models.

Features of a massage chair

Finally, we would like to briefly go into the features of a massage chair. For example, brands such as Sanyo, Relay Company, Homcom, Maxxus or Panasonic offer armchairs with a massage function and some automatic programs. The types of massage can be arranged in a suitable duration and order. There is an automatic shutdown, which, among other things, switches off again after 15 minutes. Of course, these pieces of furniture offer further advantageous features, which are explained in detail in our product reports. As an example, we would like to mention the integrated Bluetooth interface, so that you can listen to your favorite music during the relaxing massage.

Of course, a manual operation of a chair with massage function possible. You have the great opportunity to set all built-in functions manually. For example, you can program the width of the rollers, the speed or the position of the rollers individually, but also in multiple levels.

We have aroused your interest? Then find out more about the popular massage chairs in our portal. We offer you knowledgeable guides, but also product concepts for individual models. Our service is free for you as a user, compare between a well-assorted selection.

Our Top Massage Chair Picks Based on Consumer Reviews

Let’s move on to best massage chair reviews by consumer reports:

1. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Our Winner

Key features: 4 massage programs * 101 LBS weight * 3 years warranty * 3 different types of massage * Zero Gravity * Buttlock L-tracking * Multiple airbags * Heating pads


The Relaxonchair is where quality meets affordability. This L track designed massage chair specializes in relieving nasty back pain and melting away sore or tight muscles including the pain caused by sciatica. It has rollers that assume the shape of your spine, and the chair is equipped with double rollers that run from the upper neck down to the buttocks encompassing the whole body and making you experience a full body satisfying massage.

There is a specialized spinal decompression program available that simulates a humanized massage delivering a deep and tranquil pleasure plus the two heating pads in the lumber area perfect for relieving tension and soothing any aches that are present. The chair is extremely user-friendly, with just the right quality of royal felt by the deep synthetic soft-grained leather covering the whole chair. If you are not too tech-savvy, then this is the unit for you as it just involves a 3 step installation process making assembly a piece of cake.

The Relaxonchair comes with four automatic programs which come with exquisite features each specialized to deliver an exemplary massage session and to rid you of the whole day’s stress. There are five manual targeted massages available too which involve kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling and a combination of kneading and tapping which is both unique and satisfying. Like all high-end massage chairs, the digital body scan is installed for a more customized therapeutic massage and also scans the entire spine for a more targeted massage approach.

These chairs do justice with the zero gravity feature with the recliner going down to 180 degrees and an even body weight distribution. There are specialized airbags with a three-leveled intensity and equipped with the acupressure technology and applies pressure to the arms, shoulders, hips, calves, and feet. The dual foot rollers work amazingly to massage tired and painful feet.  The remote is a rather snazzy one and has been redesigned to give one-hand accessibility to the user with a much larger viewing screen for better visualization.

The problem that can be faced with the Relaxonchair is the audibility of the motors which is not that big of a problem but can be annoying as it hinders the all peaceful environment of a soothing massage.

Sitting comfortably and enjoying a massage you definitely would not want to hear the motor. Where ease and accessibility are primary in this chair, one feature goes against it and that is the plug which goes on in the back of the chair rather than the side handle.

Turning the chair off by moving behind it and unplugging it can be rather displeasing, but it’s something that can be compromised with if you have to have this chair. The Relaxonchair can prove to be an inexpensive asset with incredible quality and durability.


2. Kahuna Massage Chair Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner LM6800 – Suitable for Big and Tall Person

Key features: 6 massage programs * 235 LBS weight * 3 years warranty * 5 different types of massage * zero gravity * Synthetic leather * L-Track massage system * dual detachable/washable foot rollers

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

This zero gravity full body recliner massage chair is one ridiculously fad piece of technology. The specially designed L track frame structure comes in with four rollers and a unique air cell massage system that works amazingly for relaxing the shoulders, arms, waist, and hips with a decompressive effect on the spine along with tremendous support from the neck all the way to the buttock.

It provides a custom fit body massage by making use of the Computer Body Scan Technology making massage adjustments exclusive to your size. The zero gravity feature comes with three different stages. It is ideal to keep in a small space as the recliner only consumes three inches when transitioning to the zero gravity position.

The unique three leveled air cell massage uses pre-programmed air cells designed to inflate individually causing you to experience an amazingly stretchy massage. The feet are supported with foot pads, and there are dual foot rollers installed to take care of painful and tired feet. The programming comprises five manual massage techniques and six automatic programs with adjustable roller speed and heating therapy for the lower back and legs.

It has an excellent yoga stretching feature to pump up the blood circulation and a stretching relief for every inch of the body. The SH-chiro program rids the spine of any pressure by especially targeting every unit of the spine. One of the manual massaging techniques is an amalgamation of kneading and tapping.

There are however a few glitches with this fascinating piece of technology. It is the only chair that offers no thigh massage, a feature that is exponential to the popularity of any massage chair.

The arm wells are too shallow as well, and that leads to the arms being pushed out while massaging. The remote has dark keys and for anyone aiming for a massage in a dark, relaxed environment, focusing on seeing the remote keys can be frustrating.

If however, you can ignore these few cons and happily focus on the pros, then this massage chair is absolutely for you. Being decently priced, it comes in a variety of neutral colors and would adjust perfectly with any interior. I would recommend buying this chair as your second choice.


3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06 – Best Under $1000

Key Features: Slightly heated massage rollers, ‘Tsubo point’ neck massage, 30 first generation airbags, vibratory seat massage, extendable ottoman, 1-year warranty and weighs 300 pounds.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06

The BM-EC06C by Best Massage has some incredible features to offer. It can be beneficial for waist aches, , and even shoulder pain. This massage chair has an S-track massage roller system. The rollers are designed to cover the entire back from the neck all the way to the tailbone. This enables a complete and full massage with a rejuvenating experience.

The unique aspect of the massage rollers is their capability to radiate warm and therapeutic heat. The massage rollers are slightly heated. While massaging the body, the rollers also deliver heat to the muscles and enhance the therapeutic effect of the massage.

The chair is equipped with automatic body scan technology. This feature lets the massage chair use its sensors to map the entire body including all contours and curves. This mapping enables the massage rollers to deliver a targeted and focused massage without the user having to adjust according to the position of the rollers.

The BM-EC06C also has a unique ‘Tsubo point’ massage feature. The headrest is equipped with additional rollers which deliver a tsubo point massage to the neck and the shoulders and add to the therapeutic value of the massage chair. The chair also has 30 first generation airbags designed to effectively knead the stress away. This inflating and deflating air massage can be enjoyed at three different levels of intensity according to the user’s preference.

The chair lacks foot rollers but has airbags in place which provide a relaxing and refreshing foot and calf massage. This effect is made extra pleasurable as there are heating modules in the leg ports. Similar heating modules can also be found in the lumbar area. However, these cannot be enjoyed separately as there is no setting to just enjoy the heat in one area.

Four massage techniques can be enjoyed with this massage chair namely, Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping and Percussion. It is also equipped with three automatic preset programs called Refresh, Relax and Recover. Refresh is for a vigorous massage, Relax is for a gentle massage and Recover delivers a mediocre strength massage. The intensity of both the manual and automatic massages can be varied at three different levels.

The seat of the massage chair is designed to deliver a vibratory massage to adequately knead the buttocks. The massage chair has an Ottoman which is equipped with an extension module to accommodate taller individuals as well. With full extension of the ottoman, it can easily accommodate someone as tall as 6’1″. The chair comes with a control panel on the chair arm rather than a remote. It is quite accessible and has limited options which make usage of the panel quite convenient.

The BM-EC06C has some commendable features in an affordable price but some aspects can be worrisome. The vibratory seat massage can be quite uncomfortable as the user feels a shaking sensation which can be quite displeasing. The lumbar and the foot heating modules cannot be activated separately and the chair does not have a zero-gravity feature. If however you are not an avid massage enthusiast and just want some relaxation, then this chair could be for you.


4. ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair – Affordable Under $1500

Key features: 4 massage programs * 200 LBS weight * 3 years warranty * 4 different types of massage * 3 true zero gravity positioning * Therapeutic Airbags

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

This Shiatsu massage chair simulates lifelike condition and gives the illusion of a humanized massage session. It comes with a 30-minute uninterrupted massage session feature ideal for thawing those nasty knots in your body from head to toe. The S track designed rollers and four-wheel driven muted massage hands can easily give ergonomics a run for their money. It encompasses four types of massages with the automatic mode giving you full autonomy of use.

The user can combine various massages in the automatic mode while the manual mode is ideal for adjusting the back rollers at any point of the body. Massage intensity, speed, and airbag functionality are all under the user’s control. With built-in heating therapy for the back and six kneading balls installed for the sole of the feet, this chair is paradigmatic for ridding the stress away.

It has three zero gravity positions installed for a more relaxed and tranquil massage but the lack of the neck support can be a disadvantage and would require manually placing pillows to support the neck. The kneading balls for massaging the soles are not as comfortable and luxurious as the roller found in contemporary massage chairs, and the back massager can be a tad bit rough, but it still makes up for a pretty decent massage chair.

It would be an excellent option to buy if you are holding the pocket tight and would want a breezy economical massage.


5. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner – Cheapest Under $1000

Key features: Premium Shiatsu massage, 3-stage zero-gravity, Armrest linkage system, waist heater, hip vibrator, 50 airbags, silent pump, high power motor, 3-year warranty and weighs 200 pounds.

Real Relax Massage Chair

The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner can be regarded as a premium Shiatsu massage chair. It is designed from soft, durable and moisture proof materials and high-quality foam.

The chair has a 3-stage zero-gravity feature. This feature makes the massage chair go into three phases of recline namely, initial, comfort and deep zero-gravity according to user preference. This feature causes the user’s feet to be elevated above the heart improving air entry and blood circulation. The spine also experiences an awakening stretch due to even weight distribution due to the chair reclining. An amazingly incredible feature of the Favor-03 is Armrest Linkage System. This feature makes sure that the Armrest keeps pace with the backrest when the chair is in a zero-gravity recline.

The Favor-03 delivers an amazing Shiatsu massage mimicking the hands of a real masseuse. The chair is also equipped with four automatic preset massage programs which can be enjoyed by the user according to need and desire.

There are eight massage rollers in the backrest and the foot area and are designed a deliver a therapeutic massage. The chair has a total of 50 airbags distributed throughout the shoulder, arm, seat and leg areas of the chair. These airbags inflate and deflate periodically to deliver a squeezing and relaxing massage to the whole body.

There is a built-in waist heater in the massage chair which takes care of achy lumbar muscles after a long day. It also improves circulation while delivering a soothing effect to the muscles in this area. The built-in hip vibrator delivers a soothing and relaxing massage to the hip and enhances the massage experience. The chair comes with an efficient and compact remote controller which makes all functions accessible with just the touch of a button. The chair has two wheels which make it extremely convenient to move it around the house. The silent air pump eliminates the noise coming from the rollers and lets you enjoy your massage session in a quiet and serene manner. The Favor-03 has a high power motor which makes the massage chair extremely durable and resilient.

The Favor-03 has features which make it an intelligent purchase but it has to be kept in mind that it is just a Shiatsu massage chair. The silent pump and high power motor are excellent introductions to this massage chair but the massage rollers can be quite rough and the airbags in the legs can be too strong for some users. Other than that we think that it has great value for the price and is overall a pretty decent massage chair.


6. Top Performance KAHUNA superior massage chair with new SL-TRACK with 6 Rollers – SM-7300 – Excellent Customer Reviews

Key features: 9 massage programs * 308 LBS weight * 2 years warranty * 4 different types of massage * Triple hip airbags * 6 massage rollers

Top Performance KAHUNA superior massage chair

The Kahuna superior massage chair 7300 has been reinvented and has all kind of exquisitely new features and upgrades. It has a new SL- track design with a six roller system ideal for a massage consistent with the curvature of the spine relaxing the back, from the neck all the way to the buttocks. The air cell massage, advanced foot massage technology, and the heating therapy are all part of the new dapper upgrade that has just revolutionized this fantastic apparatus. It has a 21 inches wide seating and a 24-inch wide shoulder area for accommodating bigger body sizes with an acupoint body detection installation perfect for a custom fit massage. Before the upgrade, there were five auto programs which have now been upgraded with four new ones totaling to a whopping nine auto programs to choose from.

It is a space-saving zero gravity recliner with a unique hip air cell massage technique. There are exceptional lower body specific features included comprising the wrap around the foot and calf massager and zipper leg extension covering. It, however, does not ignore the upper body and has built-in acupressure points for the arms to relieve stressful cramps and knots. It now comes with an upgraded LCD remote and an LED light design on the sides of the chairs.

The only affliction with this massage chair seems to the foot massager spring. It works by constant pressure being applied and as soon as the spring is loosened the massager stops. The LCD remote however upgraded can be somewhat of a fix with nothing being intuitively programmed and could do with a better interface. The shoulders and neck can sometimes feel ignored even with the body scan and can be regarded as a drawback.

All in all, it’s one beautiful massage chair with a few glitches. But then again if you compare the price and features, then I’d say it’s a pretty good deal and is a definite yes when it comes to buying it.  The superbly smart massage features are one of a kind and can be quite beneficial for tired bodies.


7. Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner – Best for Back Pain

Key features: 6 massage programs * 285 LBS weight * 3 years warranty * 5 different types of massage * zero gravity * chiropractic back stretch

Medical Breakthrough 4

If you want to be transported to massage heaven, then the Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner should be your definite go to.

Being designed by doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and pain specialists it has a built-in Smart Body Scan System that makes adjustments to the chair according to the user’s position and delivers six automatic therapeutic massages according to user preference.

It has an L shaped backtrack that fits the contours of the body with vertically movable, four-wheel driven, muted intelligent massage hands.

Interesting Fact:


It also has a custom-made foot and calf massager perfect for clearing out stressful knots. Toe root rotating massages can be taken with the two pairs of papillae explicitly designed for this function as well as a mastoid skin scraping massager for the heels and arches of the foot. So when it comes to pros, this one is a definite keeper.

However, its size can be an annoyance as carrying such a substantial piece is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. Despite being heavy, it is a space saver with a backrest frame sliding down and maximizing the distance from the wall allowing the room to stay spacious.

The infrared soothing heat feature is designed to generate radiant heat that gives a relaxing warm massage session. However, the rapid and excessive heating of the infrared can be displeasing.

We’re sharing reviews recorded from real users of this chair, check them out to know what they have to say if you think these could be fake, have a look at Yelp reviews of this massage chair.

Note: Because of privacy concerns we are not sharing their names and other details.

Consumer Report 01:

The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage chair recliner is a true Godsend. Working at an office, my job involves sitting for several hours and coming back home with a terrible backache. It took me hours of lying down, stretching and maneuvering myself to get rid of the pain and that too not completely. But with the Medical Breakthrough, work is not an ordeal anymore cause as soon as I get home I cozy myself in it. It works great for stretching my back after a whole day of work and is perfect for relieving the knots in my shoulders. It’s an easy to assemble unit with a series of functions, some of which I’m still figuring out. I bought it at a reasonable price and looking at all the fantastic features; I’d say that it has excellent value for the price. I’m one happy customer.

Consumer Report 02:

I purchased the Medical Breakthrough Massage chair recliner, a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. Firstly, the team at Medical Breakthrough is an efficient and competent one with excellent, punctual delivery services.  I had questions regarding the assembly of the unit, and they were with me on the phone line constantly until I had set up the chair and was sitting in it. The foot and calf massager is my favorite and sends me right to bed after just one session of massage. I love this chair. My husband uses it for his backache, and he says that it feels like actual human hands giving a massage rather than a machine.

Consumer Report 03:

The Medical Breakthrough is an accurate attestation of superb technological advancement. I’m 65 and suffer from chronic back pain due to spine injuries many years ago. I have invested in a copious amount of chairs, only to see my money being wasted. But not with the Medical Breakthrough, as it works great for my backache. The only factor that I struggled with was the instructions to adjust the massage settings, but after awhile, I got the hang of it. I thought it would be fragile, like the other massage chairs I had bought in the past, but turns out it is one durable piece of machinery and is still in perfect shape after my grandkids’ continually jumping on it. It is one of the cleverest purchases I have ever made.

Read more reports here: The 10 Best Massage Chairs Consumer Reports


  • What is the size and limitation of the Medical Breakthrough 4?
  • The Medical Breakthrough 4 massage chair recliner can accommodate anybody with a height not exceeding 6’6. There are custom made models made for athletes.
  • How is the functionality of the Medical Breakthrough 4 for massaging thighs, calves, and buttocks?
  • It has airbags and vibration for lower body massage as well as rollers installed for a more soothing and detailed massage.
  • Is the head, neck and shoulder massage any good with the Medical Breakthrough 4?
  • The upper body massage experience is just incredible. You just have to ditch the pillow and make it run on Swedish mode. The rollers are designed to come to the top of the shoulders and back with inflating and deflating pillows. Sadly, it isn’t big on massaging the head but other than that it’s a good investment.


My verdict:

The Medical Breakthrough 4 is a breathtaking piece of the massage world. Being unnecessarily heavy it can be problematic to handle and carry around. The infrared heating “rapidly and excessively” is another feature that can be regarded as a drawback when buying this chair. These are the two features that would require compromise but the full range of massage features, durability, and value for money only make the Medical Breakthrough 4 more buyable. So hitting the stores and getting yourself, a piece would be my recommendation for a tranquilizing and economical massage.

8. NEW FOREVER REST FR-5Ks PREMIER back saver, shiatsu, zero gravity massage chair


This innovative L track massage chair comes with a quad roller mechanism perfect for a deep and soothing massage. It has the zero gravity feature for more balanced weight distribution and provides a much more pleasurable massage. The built-in functions are absolute ‘wow’ and include built-in full body yoga stretch and heat.

The yoga stretch is an innovative one with a much larger pull area and also an oppositional pull where the feet are stretched towards the ground and the upper body towards the head end strengthening the core. It comes with an intelligent foot roller and a calf acupressure feature with a leg extension of up to 8 inches perfect for foot resting if you are taller than standard and would enjoy the extra leg room.

It is custom designed to include seven different manual massage variations namely the Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading, Knocking, Tapping and Vibration, installed already in the seat with four automatic modes called, stretch, relax, swing and recover. The sellers also provide a 5-year warranty for the steel frame and body and a 3-year warranty for the electronic parts.

This fantastic massage chair encompasses incredible features, but even with the extra 8-inch leg extension, the chair can feel as if it’s designed for petite people and can be uncomfortable for larger individuals.

The massage settings can sometimes feel too crude and broad with no intricacy at all. There could be a need to place a cushion behind the back when sitting in the chair and the arm massage can be difficult to use when operating the remote simultaneously.

Cumulatively, this massage chair would not make up for a wasteful investment and can be a perfect product for petite or small people within an affordable range.

9. Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair with Jade Heat Therapy, Human Body Scan, Mp3 Synched Massage, 69 Airbags + More

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chai

The Authentic beautyhealth Shiatsu arm hand massage chair is an example of astounding engineering. Equipped with six innovative auto programs like awake, prescription, fatigue, physical therapy, healthcare and relax to choose from, this massage chair has an inbuilt 5 to 30 minutes head to toe massage feature. It provides deep, relaxing and a full massage to the back, waist, calves, buttocks, and feet.

The muted four-wheel driven massage hands can move vertically with the 3D body scan delivering a somewhat customized and personalized massage according to your body specifications. It has a specialized jade massage heater for the whole body with built-in therapeutic heat in the back and feet areas.

There are 24 types of massages programmed in this massage chair with the freedom of roller adjustment with the manual mode. It is also equipped with 5-speed levels and three width adjustments for the rollers. The calf massagers are one of a kind with a 12 airbag installation providing a four massage combination with two intensity levels.

With a massage chair with such efficient calf massager, it only fits to have an even more efficient foot massager. The foot massager has 14 airbags and ten sets of kneading balls which extend to the calf area too. The arm massager has four intensities to choose from. To add to the marvel of the Beauty-health, it has a built-in MP3 system that helps you put your music and massage into sync with a much more relaxing and soothing massage experience.

The chair comes with a 10-years warranty for the steel frame and body and a 5-year warranty for the electronic parts adding to the security and safety.

This massage chair is a fairly decent investment and easy to assemble, a piece of machinery. The jade heat feature which is a handheld heat dissipating device rather than installed in the chair could be beneficial for some providing accessibility but can be frustrating for others who do not prefer a hand-held heating device. Another drawback to the beauty-health massage chair could be the fact that it comes with no set, specific instruction and users have to employ the trial and error method to access the functionality of this chair completely.

However, where some features of the beauty-health massage chair can be annoying and frustrating, there are features which are exquisite and astounding especially the humongous quantity of airbags. It would be my go-to for an economical and comfy massage.

10. Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner Deluxe

Osaki OS-4000

The Osaki OS-4000 is both ethereal and marvelous. This NASA inspired 2 stage zero gravity positioning equipped massage chair comes with a variety of attractive features.  The comfortable and ergonomically sound S track can caress the contours of the spine providing a deep massage with a particular focus on the neck, shoulders and lumbar spine.

It is known for making micro adjustments to provide a more customized massage routine. There are airbag massagers for the arm, foot, calf, and shoulders with a lumbar squeeze. It has 26 airbags for the lower body, 10 for the calves and feet and 3 in the seat and 2 for buttocks and back.

The Osaki OS 4000 has two heating pads one on each side of the lumbar area with an innovative automatic leg scan which makes special adjustments according to the one’s leg’s length.

The large-screened LCD remote gives easy access to the control of massage type, intensity, speed and location with a grounded wireless controller providing accessibility to the main features of the chair without disrupting the comfort of your ongoing massage. It has six unique auto programs and fixed six massage styles and three varieties of width adjustable settings and five intensity options.

Osaki OS 4000 in inefficient when it comes to foot massage as there are massaging balls installed, which do not function. The entire massage session is airbag dependent, giving the feel of inflation and deflation with no roller like movement felt plus absent buttock massage and a relatively weak back massage.

It requires a 60 minutes cool down period and therefore would not be suitable for more extended sessions or continuous use. The installation of the Osaki OS-4000 can be a tad tricky with special difficulty in assembling the arms. The controller on the chair comes with lightly labeled text and can be problematic to assess when the massage chair is being used in a dark or dimly lit room.

The Osaki OS-4000 cannot be regarded as an exceptional massage chair as it lacks some essential features. The cons over-weigh the pros, and thus this would not be the most intelligent choice to make when purchasing a massage chair. I would recommend exploring other options rather than investing in the Osaki Os 4000.