4 Best Brookstone Massage Chairs – Reviews and Buying Guide

Brookstone has been in the business since 1965 and since then has come up with all sorts of cool and innovative gadgets. It was only fitting that it started manufacturing massage chairs to add to its incredibility. Their massage chairs are one of a kind and the Red dot award has proved it. This award which is the most prestigious one in the world of product design has been won by Brookstone. This and the finesse of their massage chairs certainly prove that they are here to stay.

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In this review, we look at the give you an insight into the four best massage chairs by Brookstone.

1. ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair

Key Features: Intense Shiatsu massage, L-track massage rollers, Heat therapy, Removable neck pillow, 1-year warranty and 71 pounds.


  • L-track massage rollers
  • Targeted heat application
  • Intense deep shiatsu massage
  • Extremely light and can be easily moved around
  • Removable neck pillow.


  • No zero-gravity technology
  • No body-scan technology.

ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair

The ReAct Shiatsu massage chair speaks real comfort, luxury, and therapy as soon as the user sits in it. This deep kneading Shiatsu massage delivered by this chair sends you straight to massage heaven and makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The chair is built with an L-track massage roller system. The track extends from the neck, all the way to the glutes and the hamstrings, unlike contemporary chairs.

The chair is equipped to deliver targeted, intense and deeply pressured Shiatsu massage. The rollers are designed to move in a circular motion and to deliver a deep kneading pressure at targeted acupressure points. This helps relieve muscle tension and soreness and loosens the tight and tense muscles. The function of Spot massage finds the tensest spot in an area and then gently kneads it to relieve pain and tightness.

There is two pre-programmed massage modes namely Full body and Back and each delivers a soothing and intense massage. It also has a selectable heat feature. This allows the user to receive warm and radiant heat on the selected area of the body to further add to the therapy of a soothing massage.

The chair comes with a removable pillow so that it can be placed or removed according to user preference. The chair is equipped with an easy to access control panel which can be accessed while enjoying your massage.

It is extremely light and can be fitted into any modern, urban home as it consumes the least amount of space. It is ideal for cozy households and can be perfectly placed in your bedroom too.

2. Rock & Recline Shiatsu Massage Chair

Key Features: L-track massage roller, lumbar heat therapy, removable neck pillow, compact design, 1-year warranty and 82 pounds.


  • L-track massage rollers with four nodes
  • Lumbar heat feature
  • Removable neck pillow
  • Three massage techniques.


  • No zero-gravity technology
  • No body-scan technology
  • No air massage.
Rock & Recline Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Rock & Recline Shiatsu Massage Chair by Brookstone is not only a Shiatsu massage chair. It has other incredible features which make it an absolutely amazing massage chair. This massage chair has an L-track massage roller system which extends all the way from the neck down to the glutes and hamstrings. This ensures that the entire back is covered and a therapeutic and complete massage is delivered. The massage roller has four nodes and kneads every inch of the back to relieve tight and tense muscles.

Three different massage techniques can be enjoyed with this massage chair namely Shiatsu, rolling and tapping. It also has four automatic preset massage programs namely Quick, Relax, Stress relief and Energize. All these massage functions enhance the overall well being and have beneficial effects like improved blood circulation, better sleep, and enhanced cardiac health.

It also has a lumbar heat feature. The heating modules radiate warm and soothing heat to the lumbar area to ease and soothe tense lumbar muscles and joints. It has a removable neck pillow for extra support and can be adjusted according to user preference. The remote control is extremely easy to use and puts all functions just a touch away. The chair is a perfectly compact one and reclines fully without consuming extra room which makes it perfect for small and cozy urban homes which have limited space.

3. Renew 3D Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Key Features: Zero-gravity massage chair, Two zones of heat therapy, zero-wall design, 3D massage technology, computerized body-scan technology, 30 air cell massage, extendable footrest, 2 years warranty and 275 pounds.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Zero-wall design
  • Body-scan technology
  • Heat therapy
  • 3D massage system
  • Extendable foot-rest
  • 30 air cell massage.


  • No MP3 or Bluetooth technology.

Renew 3D Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The Renew 3D Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is an absolutely wondrous and efficient piece of machinery. This massage chair has unique and revolutionized features which have left its contemporaries in a state of awe. The chair is equipped with zero-gravity technology. This feature causes the chair to recline causing the distribution of body weight to be evened out. It also causes improved air entry and blood circulation by elevating the legs above the heart and making the user assume an astronaut like position. The spine receives a fresh and awakening stretch and any spinal muscular tension and tightness are easily relieved.

The advanced L-track massage rollers extend from the neck all the way to the hamstrings. This ensures a full body and complete massage experience. The latest body scan technology ensures that your body is positioned accurately before the massage session starts. This way a more targeted and focused massage is delivered and each part of the body is given special attention.

There are five massage techniques incorporated into the chair which can be enjoyed by the user according to preference and desire. There are also nine automatic massage programs namely renew, recovery, relax, stretch, upper body, lower body, all air, and night which can be enjoyed at variable speeds.

The massage delivered by this massage chair is not ordinary, instead, it is 3D. The massage rollers have been designed to move up and down, left and right and in and out to follow the natural curves and contours of the body. If this was not enough, then you can be amazed at the five levels of massage intensity which let you choose the depth and intensity of massage according to your mood. To enhance this effect, the chair has 30 air cells which squeeze dynamically. These air cells by inflating and deflating periodically deliver a squeezing massage which improves blood circulation. It is customizable with two zones and five levels of intensity.

It also has a heat therapy feature. Two heating modules are built into the chair and radiate heat and warmth to the lumbar area and the calves to relieve the nasty aches and pain after a long day of work.

The chair has two side pockets to hold essentials and reading material while you enjoy a serene massage. The footrest is extendable and the foot box can be opened to accommodate larger feet. The chair comes with a highly easy to use remote which makes accessibility super convenient. The remote instructions can be used in two languages, English and Chinese. The chair has a space saver/ Zero wall design. This means that it can be kept against a wall which will save room space. But the incredible fact is that it can be fully reclined even if kept against the wall.

4. Renew Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by Brookstone

Key Features: Zero-gravity technology, Pressure point detection, eight automatic massage programs, 42 air cell massage, lumbar heat therapy, 2 years warranty and 216 pounds.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Pressure point detection
  • Lumbar heat feature.


  • No space saving technology
  • No Bluetooth or MP3 technology.

Renew 3D Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The Renew Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by Brookstone has some pretty cool features which make it ideal to be used after a tiring and exhausting day.

The chair has an L-track massage roller system, which extends from the neck, all the way to the hamstrings and effectively massages all back and leg muscles. The pressure point detection feature embedded within this chair is an intelligent function which scans the whole body. This feature makes sure that a customized and a targeted massage is delivered.

The massage chair is also equipped with zero-gravity technology. By positioning the body in an astronaut like stature, the chair elevates the user’s legs above their heart. This delivers an awakening stretch to the spine and all the muscles of the body easing all tightness and tension. The body weight gets distributed evenly and air entry and blood circulation are also improved.

Five different massage techniques namely, Kneading, Tapping, Kneading with Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling can be enjoyed with this massage chair and that too at varying levels of speed and intensity. Massage rollers can also be customized to target a specific or zone or area of the body according to the user’s preference. The eight automatic massage programs like Full Body, Stress Relief, Back Relief, Energize, Stretch, All Air, Soothe, and Sleep further enhance your massage experience to make it more pleasurable. If you are running late but do not want to compromise on your massage then the Quick Session feature will help you tremendously. This feature offers a complete body massage in just five minutes.

There are 42 air cells distributed throughout the chair which knead out knots and improve blood circulation. Their periodic inflation and deflation delivers a dynamic squeezing air massage and soothes tired shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. The intensity and speed of this air massage can be adjusted and can even be customized to target a specific area of the body.

The chair has an optional lumbar heat feature. Heating modules are built into the chair which delivers soothing and radiant heat to the lumbar muscles and joints for healing and therapy. All the functions of the massage chair are pretty easy to use as the remote is highly accessible with intuitive buttons and a clear LCD screen.