4 Best Daiwa Massage Chairs – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Massage chairs are the ultimate solution for tiredness and fatigue experienced at the end of a long day. With the many options available, we have dedicated this review today for the best Daiwa massage chairs. The Japanese word Daiwa translates to ‘great harmony’ and that is what the company’s motto is. They are pioneers when it comes to promoting wellness. The company has facilities all throughout the US which is why their service is quick and quite reliable.

All their massage chair models are fashioned in a customer-centered manner with the state of the art technology and resilient and durable materials, giving them an edge on the contemporaries. In this review today we look at the four best massage chairs by Daiwa, Jenny at DigitalTrends also shares her experience about using $8k Daiwa massage chair and she was surprised with it.

We give you an insight into their various pros and cons and help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a massage chair.

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4 Best Massage Chairs by Daiwa Japanese Brand

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA-9100

Key features: Zero-gravity technology, Body scan technology, Rocking rotation technology, six automatic preset massage programs, 3 years warranty, 306 pounds.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Body scan technology
  • Extra long L-track massage roller
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Rocking rotation technology.


  • No space saving technology.

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA-9100

The Daiwa Legacy massage chair DWA-9100 is an amazing Japanese massage chair. Most massage chairs come with an L-track massage roller which covers the muscles from the neck to the glutes. But this massage chair has an extra long massage rollers system which is forty-nine inches long and extends all the way to the hamstrings.

The chair also comes with Body Scan technology. This ensures that the whole body gets mapped by the chair and a focused and targeted massage is delivered. Each muscle of the body is accurately analyzed and massaged carefully and correctly. This 3D scan technology ensures accuracy and efficiency.

With the zero-gravity technology of the DWA-9100, you can have a total extra-terrestrial experience. The chair reclines back at an angle of thirty degrees and makes the user assume an astronaut like position. This makes the body experience an awakening stretch and loosens the tightness and tension created in the spine. By putting the body in a zero-gravity position, air entry into the body is improved as well as blood circulation in the body is enhanced. The zero-gravity feature evens out the distribution of body weight and reduces pressure on the spine and the whole body.

To further enhance relaxation and therapy, this massage chair has Rocking Rotation Technology. This makes the chair rock back and forth like a classic rocking chair and gives you a pleasing feel of nostalgia while delivering relaxation.

The chair comes with six automatic preset massage programs which can be enjoyed according to the user’s desire. Recovery prepares the body and is designed to warm up the body for the massage session. Extend stretches and Relax cools down the body. Refresh is ideal for delivering a light and soothing massage. Lower body auto and upper body auto are for focused and targeted massages to these specified areas. There is also a feature of lower back heat therapy. It is ideal for tending to the tight and tense lumbar muscles and taking care of body fatigue.

The chair has built-in Bluetooth technology which makes you connect the chair to your wireless gadgets and lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while enjoying your massage sessions. High-quality compact speakers are located above the shoulders which enhance the sound experience.

U.S Jaclean Massage Chair Relax 2 Zero USJ-9000

Key features: Super long massage strokes, zero-gravity technology, body shape detection, built-in USB port, thirty-seven airbags, 302 pounds, 2 years warranty.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Super long stroke massage
  • Body shape detection
  • Built-in USB port
  • 37 airbag massage.


  • Very heavy making it difficult to pivot the chair around.

U.S Jaclean Massage Chair Relax 2 Zero USJ-9000

The USJ-9000 has some incredibly cool features. The whole chair is covered with synthetic PU which is much more durable and resistant and adds to the longevity of the chair. The chair has a zero-gravity technology which is ideal for delivering therapy to the whole body. It makes the user assume an astronaut like position by reclining the chair. This causes the legs to be elevated above the heart and betters air entry and blood circulation in the body. It also provides the spine with an awakening stretch and loosens all tight muscles of the body by evenly distributing the body weight.

The chair delivers super long massage strokes which knead out any built-in stress and tension in your body. There is also lumbar heat therapy available with the USJ-9000. This feature ensures the delivery of radiant and soothing heat to the lumbar muscles and relaxes the spinal joints as well. The chair has unique foot pads which make the strength of the foot rollers adjustable according to the user’s preference.

It has a body shape detection feature which recognizes all the contours and curves of the body and makes your massage experience customized, targeted and focused.

The USJ-9000 is also equipped to deliver an efficient air massage. The 37 airbags are distributed throughout the chair and effectively knead out all muscles. Their periodic inflation and deflation make sure that all muscles are handled with the utmost care and therapy. The chair has thirteen automatic massage programs and six manual massage modes which can be customized according to the user’s preference. The massage speed and width are both adjustable as well as the airbag intensity.

All functions of this massage chair can be enjoyed with a large screen LCD display which makes every feature accessible with the touch of a finger. A USB port is located at the back of the massage chair. All you have to do is plug a USB in it and your favorite tunes can be enjoyed while a serene massage session goes on.

Legacy 3D DWA-9150 Massage Lounger

Key features: L shaped massage track, 3D body scan technology, 3D massage rollers, Rocking rotation technology, two zero-gravity positions, 48 airbags, triple reflexology feet rollers, lumbar heat therapy, 243 pounds.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • 3D body scan technology
  • Leg extension feature
  • Triple reflexology foot rollers.


  • No space saving technology
  • No shoulder pad height adjustment
  • No inversion and twist stretch
  • No calf massage.



The Legacy 3D combines luxury and therapy. This massage chair has an L-shaped massage track which extends from the neck all the way to the glutes and the hamstrings. This ensures that the massage experience is superior as compared to other massage chairs.

The massage rollers are 3D and move along an extra plane of movement and closely follow the natural contours of your spine for a better massage experience. The user can choose from five levels of intensity when getting a full body massage.

The chair has 3D body scan technology which scans all the curves and contours of the body and makes the massage experience customized, focused and targeted. The chair is also equipped with Rocking Rotation technology and simulates a classic rocking chair via its back and forth periodic motion. This feature can be enjoyed on its own or while a massage session.

The chair comes with two-zero gravity positions. The zero-gravity feature is ideal for enhancing blood circulation and air entry into the body. It puts the body in an astronaut like position by elevating the legs above the heart and delivering an awakening and therapeutic stretch to the whole body. It also ensures spinal health by relieving any tightness and tension in the muscles of the spine.

It also has a mechanized leg extension feature ideal for delivering therapy to the tense and tight muscles of the legs after a long day of work.

The chair has 48 airbags, evenly distributed throughout which inflate and deflate periodically and squeeze and knead the muscles. They are especially focused at the shoulder, arms, thighs, and calves and improve circulation and remedy fatigue.

There are triple reflexology rollers for the feet. Three unique rollers target specific areas on the soles and feet and relieve tension, improve circulation and provide rejuvenation. The chair has 18 automatic programs and six manual massage modes which can be customized according to the user’s preference.

The chair has a lumbar heat therapy feature which soothes the lumbar muscles and joints and eases any tightness and tension present.

The chair comes with an upgraded remote which makes all the functions pretty accessible. The chair can be connected wirelessly to gadgets and music of your choice can be enjoyed via high-quality compact speakers.

Daiwa Pegasus DWA-9400 Massage chair

Key features: 3D body scan technology, L-track massage roller system, zero-gravity technology, forty airbags, triple reflexology feet rollers, therapeutic heat therapy feature, mechanized leg extension, 294 pounds.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Luxury calf and foot massager
  • Rocking rotation technology
  • Therapeutic heat feature
  • Mechanized leg extension.


  • No shoulder pad height adjustment
  • No power stretch combo
  • No inversion stretch
  • No twist stretch.

Daiwa Pegasus DWA-9400

The Daiwa Pegasus massage chair has some pretty commendable features. The chair has 3D massage rollers which move at an extra plane of movement which allows them to conform to the natural contours of the spine.

It has a 3D body scan technology feature which accurately maps the whole body and recognizes all contours and curves of the body. This ensures that a targeted and focused massage is delivered. The L-shaped massage track maintains the proper curvature of the spine. Since it is L-track, the rollers extend all the way from the neck to the glutes and the hamstrings for a proper and complete massage experience.

The Pegasus has a rocking rotation Technology. The chair rocks back and forth like a classic rocking chair and reduces anxiety and stimulates healthier and sound sleep. This feature can be enjoyed all on its own or during a massage.

The chair comes equipped with a therapeutic heat therapy feature. This feature delivers radiant and soothing heat to the lumbar area and is especially beneficial to combat painful and chronic spinal joint conditions.

The chair also has zero-gravity technology which causes the chair to recline back and assume an astronaut like position. This elevates the legs above the heart and causes the air entry and blood circulation in the body to be improved. By making the whole body stretch, this feature also distributes body weight evenly and provides an awakening stretch to all the muscles.

The forty airbags have a rhythmic inflation and deflation motion which squeeze the neck, shoulder, arms, calves, and feet. This simulates a live compression massage which is enjoyed with the hands of a professional masseuse.

The chair comes equipped with a luxury calf and foot massager as well as an ankle grip. The triple reflexology rollers for the feet relieve tension, improve blood circulation and provide rejuvenation in an unmatched manner. Massage with this chair can be enjoyed by people of any height with the mechanized leg extension feature. The foot massager can extend to a length of 5.5 inches to make the massage experience comfortable and customized for a taller user as well. To adjust the strength of the foot rollers, optional foot pads are available. There are 18 automatic modes and six manual massage programs available with this chair.

Every function is made super accessible via the highly ergonomically designed remote controller. The chair also has a remote pocket holder which saves you from the hassle of holding the remote while enjoying your massage.

High-quality compact speakers are placed at the shoulder area so that serene music is enjoyed during the massage. All you have to do is connected your gadget to the chair wirelessly via Bluetooth and voila! You will be able to enjoy amazing tunes. An additionally cool feature is the Rhythm manual massage mode which will sync your massage rhythm to the rhythm of your favorite tunes.