Top 4 Infinity Massage Chairs – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Massage chairs have revolutionized the entire massage experience. Now there is no need to run to a spa for a relaxing massage session. You can enjoy a very comfortable and serene massage right at your home. However, choosing the right massage chair is somewhat an ordeal as you need to be particular about the features which you want.

Today in this review we look at the best infinity massage chairs and their unique and cool features. If you are looking to buy a massage chair by infinity then this article is surely for you. Keep reading to find out more!

4 Best infinity Massage Chairs

Model Price Massage Programs Weight Warranty Massage Types
#1: Infinity Massage Chairs IT-8500X3-EB IT-8500X3 6 265Ibs 3 years 1
#2: Infinity IT-Escape-EB Escape 9 240Ibs 4 years 6
#3: Infinity Riage X3 3D 6 265Ibs 3 years 6
#4: Infinity IT-8500 4 348Ibs 3 years 6

Infinity Massage Chairs IT-8500X3-EB IT-8500X3 Massage Chair

Key features: S-track roller system, 3D technology rollers, lumbar heat therapy, accu-roll shoulder massage, zero-gravity technology, airbag massage and 3 years warranty.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Brand new 3D technology
  • Spinal Correction program
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Rejuvenating foot massagers
  • Full body airbag system
  • Accu-roll shoulder massage
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Low voltage usage while operating (only 220 W).


  • No space saving technology.

Infinity Massage Chairs IT-8500X3-EB IT-8500X3 Massage Chair

The IT-8500X3 by Infinity is a combination of amazingly cool features. It is perfect for easing away the tension of your routine stressful life and is perfect for melting away any tension you are feeling in your body. It is equipped with zero-gravity technology. The zero-gravity technology aligns the spine perfectly. It provides a gentle stretch to the whole body by putting it in an astronaut like position and elevating the legs above the heart. This improves circulation of blood and also betters the entry of air into the lungs making you feel rejuvenated.

The chair is designed with an S-track roller system which assumes the shape of the spine and relieves stress and tension from the muscles. It has a brand new 3D technology feature which can make the S-track massage rollers work according to your desire. They can be controlled to deliver a soothing light massage or an intense deep tissue massage. The five new 3D auto programs are perfect for catering to a tired and achy body. You can enjoy intense tension release through the Deep Shiatsu program or light and soothing relaxation via the Healthy Breath program. If you are looking for to stretch your muscles then the Massage Extend program can be conveniently used.

The lumbar heat program makes sure that the tense lumbar muscles are taken care of. The warm and radiant heat takes care of spastic muscles and is also perfect for people recovering from back injuries. The heating modules are designed to heat up gradually which ensures that the whole process stays comfortable and soothing. It is great for restoring circulation and taking care of rigid and tense lumbar muscles. To add to this, the chair also comes with a spinal correction program perfect for releasing spinal tension. It does so via its advanced upper body airbag system. The firm shoulder retraction is coupled with lower extremity grip and stretch. All this happens while the main roller back massager moves up and down the spine and the Shiatsu swivel seat makes the hips move from side to side. This amalgamation of movements puts the spine in its correct configuration.

The chair has airbags for the whole body as well as six newly added preset programs namely, Sports Refresh, Extension, Rest & Sleep, Working Relief, Neck & Shoulder and Waist & Spine. The chair also has an Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage feature which detects the shoulder region to deliver a customized and targeted massage. This massage chair by infinity is renowned for its intense deep tissue massage. The rollers deliver pressurized massage strokes all the way from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine in a long and continuous manner. This improves blood circulation and is also beneficial when it comes to aiding digestion.

The IT-8500X3 comes equipped with six airbags at the foot region along with six rolling sole massagers. They squeeze, knead, roll and swing massage the sole, arch, heel and ankle and relieve all built-in stress in the feet.

To make the massage experience much more ethereal, the chair has Bluetooth technology. It can easily connect to any wireless gadget and can make you enjoy your favorite tunes while you bask in the comfort of your massage.

All this can be enjoyed with the highly efficiently designed remote controller. Its small size and extended accessibility make your massage experience hassle-free and put all functions just a touch away.

Infinity IT-Escape-EB Escape Massage Chair

Key features: 240 pounds, 4 year warranty, L-track massage rollers, thirty eight airbags, zero-gravity technology, six manual massage techniques and space saving technology.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Space saving technology
  • Intense foot roller massage
  • Spinal correction program.


  • No Bluetooth technology.

Infinity IT-Escape-EB Escape

The infinity IT-Escape massage chair has features which are close to perfection. The most amazing aspect of this massage chair is the 47-inch L-track massage roller. This incredible design makes the massage rollers extend all the way from the neck to the glutes. This coverage is further enhanced by the 47 inch long strokes of the massage rollers. The thirty-eight airbags in this massage chair can give a full body compression massage which quite efficiently improves the blood circulation and rejuvenates the body.

The chair also has zero-gravity technology which is known to improve blood circulation and air entry into the body. This feature allows the body to be positioned in an astronaut like stature, elevating the legs above the heart. It provides an adequate stretch to all the muscles of the body and also aligns the spine to release any spasm and rigidity.

With the Infinity IT-Escape, a deep pressurized massage can be enjoyed right in the comfort of your home. The pressured strokes move all the way from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine allowing the rollers to knead out any tension and stress annoying you. It improves the blood circulation of the body and betters digestion too.

The Escape has a unique side rail for its massage rollers which make the rollers conform to the natural curve of the spine eliminating stress, tension, and pain from the spine. The new spinal correction program further helps to promote spinal health. The advanced upper body airbag retracts the shoulder gently while the lower extremity is gripped and stretched. During this, shiatsu seat swivel cradles the hip from side to side. This combination strengthens the spine and corrects its placement.

It has six manual massage techniques namely, Kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, combination and rolling. The chair has a re-engineered foot massager with reflexology coverage. It’s the first of its kind and is ideal for treating heel pain and conditions like plantar fasciitis. The lumbar area is designed to provide gentle and radiant heat to the lumbar muscles. The heat builds up gradually and eliminates any discomfort associated with heating.

The chair is equipped with space-saving technology and is perfect for urban homes and cozy interiors.

Infinity Riage X3 3D Massage Chair

Key features: L-track massage rollers with 49 inches long strokes, zero-gravity technology, advanced 3D massage technology, brand new rocking technology, Bluetooth technology, 265 pounds and 3 year warranty.


  • Space saving technology
  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Spinal correction program
  • Advanced 3D technology.


  • Massage rollers do not extend all the way to the neck.

Infinity Riage X3 3D

The infinity Riage X3 3D massage chair by infinity is an amazing piece of machinery. The L-track massage rollers with forty-nine inches long strokes make it truly comfortable and therapeutic. The massage rollers extend from the neck all the way to the glutes and knead the whole body for a truly therapeutic experience. The track is vertically designed and has a natural S-shaped curve which conforms to the natural contours of the spine.

The chair has a spinal correction program which is ideal for dealing with achy and tense and spastic spinal muscles. It corrects the configuration of the spine and puts the vertebral bones back in their place.

The chair also has the zero-gravity technology. The user’s body is reclined back and put in an astronaut like position, where the legs are elevated above the heart. This causes the circulation of blood in the body to be improved. It also better air entry into the body by expanding the lungs.

The advanced 3D technology built in this chair has revolutionized the massage experience. With this feature, the user can choose the kind of massage they want. Be it a deep pressured intense tissue massage or a light gentle soothing massage, both can be enjoyed with this cool and new feature.

There are six massage techniques namely, rubbing, shiatsu, combination, kneading, tapping and knocking which can be enjoyed with this massage chair. There are heating modules located in the entire chair, which gently heat the muscles while massaging them. The heating modules heat up quite slowly which eliminates any discomfort associated with this feature. This ensures that all the achy muscles are delivered hot compresses and are therapeutically treated.

A cool and new feature of the chair is the Rocking Technology. It makes the chair move in a metronome based back and forth movement and simulates the movement of a rocking chair making you feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

The airbags are designed to deliver a targeted pressured massage to the shoulders, arms, and wrists, lower waist, lumbar and buttock and legs and feet.

The Riage has a customized ottoman for a luxurious experience for your feet. Each foot pad is equipped with eight airbags and three rolling sole massagers, which are designed to specifically squeeze, knead, roll and swing the whole foot including the arch, heel, sole and ankle.

All the amazing features of this massage chair can be enjoyed with your favorite tunes via the Riage Bluetooth technology built-in this chair. Your favorite music can be played quite easily to give you a wholesome and serene massage experience. The chair can also be connected to any smartphone and all the features of the chair can be controlled with just the touch of a button.

The chair is highly economical and uses only 220 watts of energy which makes it highly affordable and easy on the pocket. The chair is perfect for small urban homes as it comes with space-saving technology and reclines back when opened and consumes the least amount of space.

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Key features: Body scanner, zero-gravity technology, decompression stretch feature, spinal correction program, lower back heat therapy, built-in USB sound system, 348 pounds and 3 year warranty.


  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Spinal correction program
  • USB sound system
  • Decompression stretch feature


  • No space saving technology
  • No buttock massagers
  • Excessively strong foot rollers
  • Limited life for the price

Infinity Massage Chairs IT-8500

This massage chair by Infinity has got some amazingly dapper features. It is a deluxe massage chair which is designed to deliver a targeted and customized massage. The massage chair has a body scanner, which intelligently maps the entire body and makes sure the massage delivery is on point.

It has zero-gravity technology with two zero-gravity positions. The zero-gravity technology improves the circulation of blood and also enhances the entry of air into the body. The chair reclines back and makes the user assume an astronaut like position, elevating the legs above the heart. This also causes the alignment of the spine to be corrected and muscles to be adequately stretched.

The chair has a decompression stretch feature. This allows the massage chair to stretch the whole body. The airbags grip the shoulders and legs, while the chair reclines, easing and soothing achy and tense muscles.

Spinal health is enhanced when the user gets in this massage chair via the spinal correction program. This program is designed to extend and decompress the spine and is especially beneficial for people suffering from chronic backaches. The user can also soothe their back with the gentle lumbar heat feature. The lumbar area of the chair has a built-in heat source. It delivers warm and radiant heat which gently relaxes tense lumbar muscles and loosens any tightness, preparing the body for the massage.

The entire massage experience is made super serene and enjoyable via the USB sound system built-in the chair. All you have to do is just load a flash drive with your favorite tunes and music and plug it into the port located at the base of the chair for an incredibly soothing massage experience.