Kahuna Massage Chair Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner Lm6800 With Yoga & Heating Therapy Reviews

The Mayo clinic categorizes massage as a part of alternative medicine and has vouched that massage is indeed a beneficial treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension and spasm. The stores are filled with lucrative massage chairs to choose from and we are here to guide you. In this review, we take a special look at the incredible features of the Kahuna space saving zero-gravity full body recliner LM6800.

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Why Choose The Kahuna Lm6800?

One of the biggest reasons why you should totally buy this massage chair is because it is pretty easy on the pocket. One would assume that there would be a compromise on the features as the price is low, but that is absolutely wrong. What the Kahuna LM6800 offers at a reasonable price, is only matched by its competitors at an extremely high rate, making it an affordable and incredible piece of machinery.

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Zero-Gravity Space Saving Design

The blood supply to the tense muscles is often restricted which leads to pain and spasm. This can be remedied with the zero-gravity technology of the Kahuna LM6800. With positioning the user in zero-gravity, the body weight is balanced along with the delivery of a soothing and deep tissue massage. Being angulated in zero-gravity, the diaphragm expands causing more oxygen to be inhaled. The developers have gone one step forward and have installed three modes for this feature to allow new users to get accustomed to this astronaut like position feature.

Contemporary massage chairs require an awful amount of space to fully recline into zero-gravity. But the Kahuna LM6800 slides forward while reclining making if perfect for a small home with less space to spare.

Computerised Body Scan

With the Kahuna LM6800, you will not be forced to position your body to get massaged properly, instead, the computerized body scan technology scans your frame so that a customized massage is fashioned targeting all areas. It makes adjustments according to your posture and delivers a targeted and therapeutic massage.

Airbag And L-Track Four Roller Massage System

The Kahuna LM6800 is an impeccable fusion of the airbag and roller massage technique. The cells are designed to inflate separately and mimic a stretching and twisting motion and are designed to work harmoniously with the rollers for a deep, intense massage which is quiet and relaxing due to the swift motion of the rollers and the cells. Also, the rollers and the air cells can be adjusted to three-speed levels providing customization.  Thus if you are looking for a massage chair to knead those nasty glutes and hamstrings then the Kahuna LM6800 can prove to be a godsend for you. The L- track system is equipped to extend beyond the back and deliver a complete body massage. It gently decompresses any pressure and tightness in your spine and rejuvenates the muscles.

Manual and Automatic Massage Programs

The Kahuna LM6800 comprises of five manual massage techniques namely kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu and a combination of kneading and tapping and six automatic massage programs to choose from which can be targeted and proportioned to provide a massage to designated areas. Along with the massage program, the user can also make choice of the area to be massaged, making it a highly personalized massage.

Kahuna Signature Programs

The Kahuna LM6800 has two signature programs installed in the massage chair recliner. The first one is the Yoga Stretching program designed to stretch the entire body of the user, releasing any kind of tightness and pressure within the muscles. Just like conventional yoga awakens the body and recuperates blood circulation, so does this massage chair.

The second signature program is SH-Chiro. It is specifically designed to target inflamed and tender nerve areas and to rid them of pain, stress, and tension. It is especially useful for chronic back pain sufferers as the SH-chiro unlocks nerve energy and lets it flow all the way down to the end of the spine, relieving spinal pressure and promoting spinal health.

Additional Attractive Features

To make the Kahuna LM6800 more alluring, the developers have added a variety of attractive and interesting additional features which make this massage chair a definite wow. It has been registered by the FDA as a medical device and comes appareled with dual foot roller with extra padding for a soothing foot massage. The footer is designed to be washable to maintain adequate hygiene. The air cells and rollers for the lower back and legs are accompanied by heating therapy to combat pain and pressure in these areas. The chair also comes in with a custom-made remote holder for the user’s convenience. We would definitely recommend buying the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair recliner for an incredible massage experience.