Kahuna Superior Massage Chair With New SL-track With 6 Rollers – SM7300

Promoting the overall well being of the mind and the body by purchasing a massage chair does not seem like a futile option. You definitely need to invest in a massage chair if you are somebody who suffers from painful conditions and would want to stay away from an expensive spa offering massage sessions. Here we are trying to help you make the right decision about a massage chair purchase by reviewing the Kahuna Superior Massage chair SM7300.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair With New SL-track With 6 Rollers - SM7300

Why Should You Make The Purchase?

The developers at Kahuna have made every effort to bag customers by designing the SM7300 massage chair. What makes it stand out are features like zero-gravity reclining, accupoint detection and an advanced SL track roller system; and these are just to name a few of the cool features. There is a lot more about this massage chair and if you want to find out more then please keep reading!

Check out its comparison with other Kahuna massage chairs.

SL-track With Six Wheel Roller System

Contemporary massage chairs employ either an S-track or an L-track system of rollers to cover the area of the spine for adequate delivery of a massage. However, with the Kahuna SM7300, you can have the benefit of two in one as the roller system is a recently upgraded SL-track.

The massage delivered to the spine is a therapeutically beneficial one as the rollers extend all the way from the neck to the buttocks and then beyond that to the hamstrings. So any pain from the neck down to the legs can be relieved by this massage chair.

Manual Massage Programs and Upgraded Automatic Massage Programs

The Kahuna massage chair SM7300 has a combination of manual and automatic massage programs. There are 6 manual massage programs installed in the chair and include kneading, tapping and knocking to name a few. The user is free to choose from them and enjoy a massage which feels like the whole body has been embraced.

Originally the SM7300 had been equipped with 5 auto programs including Recovery, Pain relief, Yoga, Stretching, Relax and Senior mode making it pretty self-explanatory for the user to employ whichever program they deem fit. But the upgrade has added 4 new massage programs comprising of Athlete, Office person, Golfer, and Dynamic support.

Each of these programs as named has been specially designed for the classic customer and makes the user totally autonomous regarding the kind of massage they want.

Zero-gravity Position

Zero-gravity Position

Much of the pain experienced in the back and hip area is generated from uneven distribution of body weight and can lead to debilitating pain and inactivity. The Kahuna SM7300 has zero-gravity reclining which evenly distributes weight and relieves the tense and chronically shortened muscles of pain and spasm. An additional feature which makes this chair a tantalizing buy is the space saving technology. The Kahuna SM7300 is efficiently designed to slide forward whenever the chair is reclining to zero gravity making it convenient to place it in a cozy spot without requiring additional room.

Wrap Around Squeeze Massage

The Kahuna SM7300 is the only massage chair that comes to mind which offers a wrap around squeeze massage. This is made possible with the airbag massage technique. The chair is appareled with 35 air cells which are evenly distributed and accomplish the delivery of a deep and intense massage.

The dual airbags have a synchronized inflating motion which makes up for an intense massage. Users suffering from chronic calf pain benefit the most from it as the leg extension upgrade facilitated the installation of air cells in the calf region and now a wrap around squeeze massage can be enjoyed extending all the way to the foot and that too in three manners- rolling, kneading and scraping.

Accupoint Detection

This feature is without a doubt “the cherry on the cake”. Nothing says personalization and customization better than custom installed accupoint detectors which sense the painful areas for a targeted and focused massage. The rollers are also equipped with accupoint bumps for an intelligent and rejuvenating massage. This technology lets you enjoy a massage session filled with luxury, comfort, and personalization.

Additional Prodigious Features

The Kahuna SM7300 after the upgrade can now accommodate individuals with a height of 6’5” with ease and can bear a weight of 320 pounds without any trouble. In addition to the incredibly designed rollers, the chair also has a feature of spot massage which allows the user to obtain a massage at one single affected area and not the whole body.

Additional Prodigious Features

There is heating therapy installed in the lower back of the chair for providing a soothing and pain relieving session. The only possible drawbacks which we found were the inability of the massage chair to deliver an adequate thigh massage, the absence of heating therapy in the entire chair except for the lower back area and the LED light on the sides of the chair which cannot be switched off when using the chair. Other than that we think that the Kahuna SM7300 is definitely not a deal breaker and an absolutely marvelous purchase.