The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner Review

Almost every individual working at a stable job complains of some kind of pain attributed to their stagnant work regimes. In contrast athletes with their excessively physically demanding careers are also included in the flock that needs massage therapeutically. Since Dr. Brent Bauer developed the massage chair with his fellow colleagues at the Mayo Clinic, there has been a humongous variety of top massage chairs which have been launched. We have decided to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the correct massage chair and in this review, we look at the cool features of the Medical breakthrough 4- massage chair recliner which is being considered the new hot thing in the massage chair world. Keep reading to find out more!

What Are The Incredibly Awesome Features?

The medical breakthrough 4 is a perfect amalgamation of medicine and engineering which has thirty-six years of research engulfed within. Being designed by doctors, surgeons and chiropractors, it does not only assure a relaxing and soothing time but also makes sure that you are receiving a medically therapeutic massage. Equipped with the latest technology and having built-in rollers from neck to toe, the medical breakthrough leaves no area unattended and provides a complete, wholesome and full massage experience.

Medical Breakthrough 4 Video

Medical Body Scan

Just like the fancy CT and MRI machines at hospitals scan the body for medical and surgical anomalies, the medical breakthrough 4 is equipped to perform a full body scan, to adequately ensure the position of the user and the placement of limbs to target all areas therapeutically. The body scan technology revolutionizes the massage experience with each massage customized for the user according to their stature and shape.

Advanced L-track Design

The S track designed massage chairs are extremely common and every conventional massage chair comes with it. But the fun starts when a massage chair has the L-track massage technology. In comparison to the S track, the vertically positioned rollers of the L-track extends all the way down, beyond the seat and can knead the glutes, piriformis, and the hamstrings muscles as well, eradicating any tension and pain, something that is beyond the expertise of the S-track.

Unique Massage Techniques

The medical breakthrough 4 is an astounding piece of machinery which comes with unbeatable massage techniques. Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, and simultaneous kneading and flapping are the massage techniques built in the chair. The incredibly amazing part is that all these techniques come in 6 automatic massage programs and additionally can also be customized according to user preference too leaving the choice totally in the user’s hand.

For optimum upper body massage, the manual massage mode has three options- fixed, partial and overall massage and that too with five different speed levels. The width of the two kneading balls in shiatsu, kneading and knocking can be set at wide, medium or narrow mode. To ensure the accuracy of targeting the pressure point, the medical breakthrough 4 has settings of a partial and fixed point, which causes the massage hands to move up and down.

The Medical Breakthrough 4 does not stop with an L- track to ensure that your massage experience is a complete one. There are customized built-in rollers for massaging the bottom of the foot as well as two pairs of papillae for a rotating toe root massage.  For the heels and the arches of the foot, there is the mastoid skin scraping massage which is ideal for those nasty knots after a whole day of standing.

Air Massage

Compressed air pressure massage has been proven to improve skin blood flow as well as lymph flow. This has been taken into consideration by the developers of the medical breakthrough 4 and this incredible chair comes with this air massage technique. The inflating and deflating air chambers provide you the comfort of a customized compression treatment at home and make you feel rejuvenated. To add to this, there are three modes: arms, legs and full body and the best part is that each mode can be adjusted to three intensity levels.

Soothing Far Infrared Heat

The medical breakthrough 4 is deemed one of a kind, due to the far infrared technology. Far infrared rays are invisible waves of energy which have the capability to enter the deepest tissues and muscles of your body, providing pain relief and detoxification. The medical breakthrough 4 makes use of a carbon fiber heat source to ensure that the radiant energy gets transmitted to the deepest areas of your body, ridding the muscles of any pain and spasm. It is an excellent piece of equipment for the sufferers of chronic back pain, injured recovering athletes and people with chronic muscular spasms.

Latest Chiropractic Back Stretching

If you are looking for a way to enhance spinal health, then the MB 4 is perfect for you. It has an advanced chiropractic back stretch built in which gently grasps and anchors the hips and intelligently stretches them, ensuring any tightness and tension to be relieved immediately.  As soon as the user positions their body in the massage chair, they can feel the grip and stretch of the chair on the spine and can feel trapped tension eliminating and the vertebra positioning correctly.

Space Saving Design

Space Saving Design MB4

The MB4 has an intelligent space-saving design with a convenient assembly process. The backrest frame is built in to slide down so that distance from the wall is minimized and floor space is conserved. This makes it one light and compact piece of machinery which does not eat up useful house space.

Pictures of MB 4

So all in all, the medical breakthrough massage chair is nothing less than a medical and technological wonder. The features of this massage recliner are absolutely amazing and unbeatable and give any contemporary massage chairs a good competition. We would definitely recommend investing in this massage chair as it is perfect for a relaxing, soothing and therapeutic experience.