5 Best Portable Massage Chairs you can bring even on Mountains

With the advent of massage chairs, almost every person has been able to enjoy massages conveniently. There is no need to go to spas and spend excessive amounts of money for a therapeutic massage session. A single massage chair can take care of painful and achy muscles all over the body. But most massage chairs are heavy units which cannot be easily moved.

So you can only enjoy a therapeutic massage as long as you are at your home, where the massage chair is placed. However, there are some massage chairs which are portable. They can be folded and packed in a portable case. This allows you to enjoy a massage anywhere you want.

Top 5 Portable/Folding Massage Chairs – Reviews

Earthlite Vortex


  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Accessories included with the chair
  • Soft and luxurious design
  • Dual intensity Pro-Lite cushioning.


  • Pads cannot be removed.

Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package

With the Earthlite Vortex, you can enjoy a massage anywhere you are. It is the lightest chair available with a weight of just 15 pounds, which makes portability upper easy. Its light weight is attributed to the light yet strong aircraft grade aluminum oval framed body. It has been designed in a rather compact manner which makes it easy to fold. Once folded, it can be conveniently stored in a nylon carry case ready to be moved, where ever you want.

The Earthlite Vortex is an amazingly comfortable chair as it has dual intensity Pro-Lite cushioning. It’s smooth and soft Natursoft upholstery delivers exceptional comfort and makes it durable too.

The multiple face, arm and seat adjustments make sure that you can choose the most comfortable position you like. It is super easy to assemble the Earthlite Vortex owing to the simple face cradle armrest and seat adjustments. These features also ensure that users of any sizes are easily accommodated in the chair.

The chair comes with cool accessories like the sternum pad, deluxe adjustable headrest, and a face pillow. All of this can be easily stored with the compactly folded chair in a strapped carry case.



  • Patented double tube design for stability
  • Wheels on the carry case
  • Height adjustable seats
  • Removable leg pads.


  • No chest/breast pillow.

STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package

Comfort and portability come together with the Stronglite Ergo II massage chair package. The package includes a portable massage chair, a sternum pad, carry case with wheels and a heavy duty zipper, valuables pouch, deluxe adjustable headrest, face-cradle and a face pillow. The pads are adjustable and removable (Velcro). The chair is designed with an extremely light yet strong heat treated T6 aluminum alloy. The design is enhanced by glossing the frame and finishing with a powder coat. To add extra stability to this already sturdy design, a patented double tube is installed. It makes the chair more durable and strong.

The wheels on the case are the cherry on the cake and make carrying the chair incredibly easy. This chair is famous for accommodating users of all sizes due to its versatile positioning design. The chest pads are designed to tilt and slide, the seat can rise, or lower or tilt and the face-cradle is fully adjustable.

The design is superbly ergonomic with height adjustable seats. This allows the user to reverse the leg, foot or anterior torso as well as the armrest. The legs pads can be removed and make the chair perfect for injured or disabled users.

Master Massage Apollo


  • Lightweight electrostatic powdered frame
  • Six-way adjustable face cradle
  • CFC and PVC free upholstery
  • Small cell foam cushioning system.


  • The headrest cannot be adjusted to accommodate shorter users.

Master Massage Apollo

The Apollo Portable massage chair by Master Massage is an innovative massage chair. The chair has a frame which has been designed from Aircraft steel. This makes the chair extremely lightweight yet strong and durable at the same time. It can capacitate a working weight of around 650 pounds and a static weight of 1000 pounds, which shows how sturdy the chair is. This massage chair is not mark finished like other portable massage chairs available in the market. Instead, the frame is finished in an electrostatic way with an eco-friendly powder. This protects the frame from any kind of scratch and nick and also prevent the frame from rusting.

The upholstery of the chair is one of a kind. The oil-proof and water-proof PU upholstery is PVC and CFC free making the chair quite environmentally safe. The PU is abrasion resistant and will not wear off after using the chair for some time. The upholstery is quite soft to feel and the durability of the PU makes this massage chair luxurious and durable.

The Apollo portable massage chair has got the largest and thickest cushions making this chair convenient to use even for bulkier users. To enhance this all cushions are made out of two inches thick, multi-layer, small cell foam which is much dense than normal foam. The small cell foam cushioning system makes all surfaces of the massage chair infinitely adjustable. This caters to every user need in a much more personalized manner. Additionally, the sternum bolsters are cushioned too. Both the frame and the cushions of the chair are fully adjustable.

The accessories which come with the chair are six-way adjustable face cradle, memory foam layered face pillow, a session pouch and a luggage styled carrying case.

The session pouch can easily store small items like glasses and jewelry while you enjoy a comforting massage session. The carrying case has wheels which make it quite easy to move the chair once it has been folded and stored inside the case. The carrying case is made out of a durable material and it unlikely to dysfunction as a result of wear and tear.

Master Massage Professional


  • Electrostatic powder coated frame
  • Small cell foam large and heavy cushions
  • Six-way adjustable face cradle.


  • The covering flakes off after some time.

Master Massage Professional

The Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair is one convenient piece of machinery. The nano-skin water-proof and oil-proof upholstery make it luxurious and durable. It has a body which is fashioned from Aircraft steel. This makes the chair lighter as air with an immense strength to support a capacity of 650 pounds of working weight and 1000 pounds of static weight. The Master Massage Professional is not mark-finished like contemporary portable massage chairs. Instead, the frame is coated with an eco-friendly powder in an electrostatic manner to prevent rust, scratches or nicks of any kind.

To make the chair super comfortable, all cushioned surfaces have small cell foam installed. The small cell foam has a higher density than regular foam and makes all surfaces of the massage chair easy to adjust, turning your massage experience truly into a heavenly one. This massage chair has got the largest and thickest cushions, which make it the perfect choice for heavier users. The sternum bolster is cushioned too.

It comes with a full set of accessories including a six-way adjustable face cradle, Maximum comfort Memory Foam layered pillow, a session pouch and a carrying case.

The six-way adjustable face cradle allows for immense space during movement. The face cushion can be adapted according to the shape of the user’s face. Forehead and cheekbone pressure can also be optimized according to the user’s needs to personalize the massage for every individual.

The convenient session pouch which comes with the chair is perfect to hold small items like spectacles and jewelry. The carry case has been designed from a durable material and has been equipped with wheels. This allows the chair to be moved quite conveniently.

Portable Massage Chair, Therabuilt® Apex™


  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable face cradle.


  • The chair is delivered disassembled
  • Carrying case has no wheels
  • No height adjustable seats.

Therabuilt® Apex™

This portable massage chair by Therabuilt has some cool features. The chair is extremely light and weighs only 18.5 pounds. Although it is lightweight itself, it has the capacity to accommodate a working weight of 250 pounds.

The chair is equipped with thick 3.5 inches foam which makes your massage experience quite comfortable. The chair comes with a face cradle which is adjustable so that the massage experience can be personalized according to the user. The chair is delivered disassembled and needs to be put together by the user. This can be easily done as an instruction video is available on the internet. The chair comes with a free carrying case.

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