The Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner Review

Almost every individual working at a stable job complains of some kind of pain attributed to their stagnant work regimes. In contrast athletes with their excessively physically demanding careers are also included in the flock that needs massage therapeutically. Since Dr. Brent Bauer developed the massage chair with his fellow colleagues at the Mayo Clinic, … Read more

Top 12 Relaxing Massage Techniques of all time

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3 Best Massage Techniques to get rid of Sciatica Pain

The lower back a.k.a the lumbar area of the spine is a very sensitive region. It is extremely vulnerable to stress and injuries as it is the most flexible part of the spine. The lumbar spine holds the entire body together supporting your weight and aiding in balanced movement. Being solely responsible for all these … Read more

10 Best DIY Facial Massage Techniques to Rejuvenate your Face

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Foot Massage Reflexology: Benefits and Techniques

Holistic medicine and spiritual healing are going big today for a variety of ailments. One such method of holistic healing is Reflexology. Invented by the Europeans in the late 1800s, foot reflexology refers to massaging and pressuring certain areas on the feet also called ‘zones’ or ‘reflex areas’. It is believed that doing so causes … Read more

Benefits of Thai Massage and how to do this at home

Thai massage is a mixture of various massaging techniques such as trigger point treatments, Neuromuscular therapy, and manual therapy. It can be a really helpful way of relaxing your body and bringing many positive changes in it. In this article, we will highlight the benefits that you can get from a Thai massage and the … Read more