7 Best Inversion Tables – Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & Our Editor’s Choice

Inversion tables are becoming exceedingly popular. The biggest reason is the spike in spinal diseases which has been noticed in these few years. Many people suffer from chronic back pain and spinal compression. The method of inversion therapy has proven to be quite beneficial for people with spinal problems. Inversion therapy involves suspending one’s body … Read more

Top 5 Japanese Massage Chairs to Soothe your body with Japanese Massage Technique

In a physically demanding world like ours, painful muscular conditions are quite common. We are all at risk for developing sore muscles due to our monotonous routines. But if we think about it, muscle pains have existed for quite some time and so have their therapeutic solutions. The Shiatsu massage, more commonly called the Japanese … Read more

Best Kahuna Massage Chairs: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [Top 5 Picks]

As the world is pacing towards industrialization, monotony is becoming the norm. This is especially applicable to corporate jobs. People working in offices are at risk for developing chronic backaches. This is because most office jobs entail sitting for long hours. Massages are ideal for relieving achy backs and tense muscles. Most spas offer therapeutic … Read more