Benefits of Thai Massage and how to do this at home

Thai massage is a mixture of various massaging techniques such as trigger point treatments, Neuromuscular therapy, and manual therapy. It can be a really helpful way of relaxing your body and bringing many positive changes in it. In this article, we will highlight the benefits that you can get from a Thai massage and the best way to perform Thai massage at home.

Benefits of the Thai massage

Thai massage is a combination of physical and energetic aspects and this combination gives you a mixture of physical, mental and psychological benefits. These benefits are explained briefly below:

  • Thai massage helps in reducing muscular pain and spasms by targeting the pressure points and the areas where muscular tension is built up.
  • As Thai massage employs yoga techniques as well, it is also helpful in increased mobility of body joints and enhances the overall body mobility.
  • Thai massage results in a better blood circulation in the body and thus reducing the blood pressure. A high blood pressure is a cause of many fatal diseases.
  • Thai massage removes energy blockades and results in improved breathing.
  • Thai massage is helpful in dealing with many chronic pains such as back pain, sciatica, headache, and neck pain, but for neck pain do check this massage guide.
  • Thai massage is also helpful for athletes and if you hit the gym then it can also be very helpful for you as it stretches the body, improve circulation, increases mobility and enhances energy levels.
  • Thai massage helps in detoxification and boosts the immune system.
  • Thai massage is helpful in stress reduction as it reduces the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and increases the level of serotonin (happy hormone).
  • Psychologically, Thai massage helps in developing self-awareness by relaxing the mind and body and enabling the human mind to focus on something particular without any distractions.
  • Thai massage has been found helpful in refocusing the human minds after a mentally exhausting stretch of time.
  • Last but not the least, Thai massage helps in developing discipline and inner self-control and boosts confidence and energy levels of the recipient.

Doing Thai Massage at Home

A Thai massage is different in a lot of ways than any other massaging technique. It not just a normal lay down massage technique with utilization of hands by the giver. It incorporates different body parts and requires physical strength to administer the massage successfully. Thai massage is a shared experience between the giver and receiver and results in the opening of the receiver’s mind, body, and soul.

The receiver should wear loose and comfortable clothes which allow stretching and lie down on a comfortable mattress. The receiver should surrender his/her body so that you can perform the massage effectively.

We will walk you through all the major techniques used in the Thai Massage one by one

Foot to Foot massage

As the name indicates, this technique of Thai massage is helpful in relaxing the feet and all the parts of the body which have pressure points located in the feet. You can successfully do foot Thai massage by keeping the following points in the mind:

  • Ask the receiver to lie face down on the mattress and place your heels on the back of the receiver’s feet.
  • Walk slowly on the feet of the receiver and adjust your weight as per the ease of the receiver. Carry on this procedure for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now turn around and repeat the same procedure with the fingers of your feet for the same time.
  • After this, place your knees on the receiver’s feet and apply pressure through them. You can also use your fists after working on receiver’s feet with your knees.
  • Place your thumbs on the lower side of the receiver’s feet and gently push. Move towards the heels of feet.

Hand-Shoulder, Foot-shoulder Compression

This technique results in relaxing the shoulders of the recipient and can be successfully completed with the help of following steps:

  • Sit in a kneeling position with your face towards the shoulder of the recipient and place the palms of your hands on the shoulders of the recipient.
  • Move your palms across the shoulder and while doing so knead further on the recipient’s shoulders.
  • Remember to do this on both shoulders simultaneously and continue this practice for a minimum of ten minutes.

For the foot-shoulder compression, use the following steps:

  • First, sit on the right side of the recipient, your knee should be in a pyramid-like position with the floor acting as the base of the pyramid and hands should be stretched behind your back and placed on the floor.
  • Place your foot on the shoulder of the recipient and apply force gradually through your heel, continue this process for at least ten minutes and then switch the shoulder and repeat in the same way.

Assisted Side Body Stretching

To gain maximum out of this step, you can carry it out with the help of following guidelines:

  • Place the outer edge of your foot against the tailbone and push into the massage matt. The body will be facing to the side at first, rotate the torso and bring shoulders to face the partner.
  • As a result of this position, the receiver’s back will rest on the outside of the giver’s leg. The receiver should allow the shoulders to relax down.
  • Now you should firmly grasp wrists and lean back to pull arms up and then back.
  • Carry on this technique for 5 minutes.

Heart-Opener Pull

This technique is helpful in relaxing the arms, shoulders, and spinal cord. Follow the following steps in order to go through this step successfully:

  • Sit behind the receiver and place the outer side of your feet on either side of the spine. Make sure that your knees have a little bend.
  • Ask the receiver to move the arms towards you and then hold the wrists gently and support the receiver’s body with feet, now lean back slowly.
  • While leaning backward, it is best to exhale and inhale while leaning forward.

The below video guide to Thai massage is beneficial, do check it out:


If you have gone through a surgery or an organ transplant recently then please avoid having a Thai massage. Thai massage should not be given to cancer patients, pregnant women and people who are very weak physically.